Smart Appointment and Visitor Management Solution

Smart Appointment and Visitor Management Solution

Reduce customer waiting time, minimize crowding in waiting areas, and manage customer flow with an advanced appointment system

Make it easy for customers to connect to your services anywhere, anytime with an appointment scheduling system.
From managing appointment booking, arrival, and check-in process to service, use a solution that joins up
the whole process smoothly to provide an excellent customer experience.

Appointment management system features

Appointment scheduling

Let customers schedule appointments online or by phone, allowing you to distribute workload evenly throughout the day and creating a better balance between scheduled and walk-in visits.

Automatic confirmation and reminders

Send automated booking confirmation, reminders, and updates via SMS and email to prevent no-shows.

Self check-in

Allow customers to do self check-in online with their smartphone, or with a self-service kiosk.

Virtual meeting for remote service delivery

Deliver services via video, chat or other platforms.

Real-time data, analytics, and advanced reporting

Improve your operations and optimize resource planning with a real-time dashboard, data analytics, and demand forecast.

Customer journey management

Qmatic's appointment solutions are fully integrated with our customer journey management platform for a seamless customer experience.

Smart Visitor Management Solutions

Report and Dashboard Management.

KIOSK Base Solution, less dependent on receptionist.

Integration with Attendance Solution.


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