Digital eKYC Solutions

Digital and Video KYC using AI Powered Digital Assistant

Add New ID Types – New
Documents, New IDs for Other

Image, Video and Document

Enterprise Grade Security

Zero Cost Deployment

Fully Compliant

On Cloud (SaaS or API integration), On VPC, On Premise

Zero Touch for Business Continuity, More than 50% Cheaper than Manual Process; 40% Cheaper (and
more Intelligent) than other KYC Products

E-KYC Features

  • Real Time Capture
  • Capture receipt in real time on mobile or desktop

  • Automatic Receipt Classification
  • IN-D understands all Bills type and has an active learning module to
    train itself on a new one

  • Multicurrency Support
  • IN-D is able to read through and understand the currency of the receipts

  • Business Application Integration
  • Seamless integration to back office accounting and HCM systems

Digital KYC

✓ Available with Assisted and Un-Assisted Mode

✓ Video Forensics for Fraud Checks

✓ 60% Cheaper than Manual Process

✓ 40% Cheaper (and More Intelligent) than Other KYC Products

✓ Supports Low Internet Bandwidth


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