Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Our ERP gets all your business data under one platform and integrates it. As a result you see what is happening in your entire organization in one interface and make more data driven decision.

  • Accounts and Finance Module
  • HR and Payroll Module
  • Procurement Module Summary
  • Commercial Module Summary
  • Store Module
  • Production Module
  • Sales Module
  • Fixed Asset Module
  • Data Admin Module
  • System Admin Module

ERP Accessibility

  • Browser Based Offline and Online System
  • Distributed but Central Transaction System
  • Online Transaction Processing System
  • Real Time Data Processing
  • Electronic Document Flow System
  • Vouchers and Documents Approval System
  • Dash Board Reporting
  • Dash Board Reporting
  • Back Date Data Entry Control by Data Admin
  • Important Deadline Reminders
  • Browser Based Online Management Reporting
  • Documents and Transactions Approval System


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