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What are Training Management Systems ?

A training management system is a centralized hub for employee training operations. Simply put, this tool helps learning and development departments design, organize, and deploy training opportunities. Learning and development departments oversee current training programs and assess their quality using featured metrics, reporting, and feedback from users. Training opportunities are often deployed via corporate LMS software, a solution that lets users complete training sessions and helps employers track and manage training efforts. The main use case for a training management system is to streamline training operations for a company.

A training management system is an eLearning solution for training departments to help create and monitor their own training opportunities for a company. This tool is ideal for departments that have experience with training and need a flexible tool that allows them to design training modules with complex features, such as collaboration features, screen sharing, and curated certification assessments. Custom assessments ensure education retention and improve the overall impact of employee training sessions.

Key Benefits of Training Management Systems

Implements and organizes training modules

Allows performance and assessment monitoring

Reduces training costs

Training module scheduling and assigning

Why Use Training Management Systems?

Training management systems are ideal for companies that require in-depth training for their employees. In many cases, companies can’t rely on outsourced training opportunities or catchall training modules. Companies that need employees to learn a lot of company-specific information benefit from custom tailored training modules curated by a training department.

Education retention — With custom assessments and interactive virtual classroom training opportunities, employees are more likely to enjoy and retain the education from each session.

Insightful metrics — Employers and learning and development departments receive real-time updates on the performance of each employee and can see who completed a module at what time. This helps training departments understand what topics employees are struggling with and which topics may need to be adjusted based on user feedback.

Content distribution — The process of distributing training documents and notes is streamlined with training management system tools. Employers and training departments can upload helpful presentations, training videos, and custom notes for each module to help guide users.

Who Uses Training Management Systems?

While departments commonly benefit from training management system tools, training companies and human resources departments may find themselves needing them, too.

Learning and development departments — Learning and development departments commonly use training management systems and leverage the reporting and analytics features to assess and design the employee development aspects of the company.

Training companies — Training services providers across all corporate industries use training management system tools to curate trainings that can be sold as a service to companies that don’t use the tool themselves.

Human resources departments — Companies without learning and development departments might have their human resources departments handle training management system tools and curate training modules for employees.

Online Training Management Solution Features

Online Trainee and Trainer Registration

Received Notification for Confirmation or Modification

Online Trainee Assessment

Integration with Payment Gateway

Training Schedule and Venue Management

Online and Offline Certification Management

Report and Dashboard Management


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